October 13, 2022

An interactive transcript is a type of online transcript that allows viewers to interact with the content. Viewers can click on specific parts of the transcript to jump to that section of the video or audio recording. This type of transcript can be especially helpful for long recordings, such as lectures or speeches.

In this article, we’ll discuss what an interactive transcript is, how it can be used, and some of the benefits of using one.

What is an Interactive Transcript?

An interactive transcript is a text version of an audio or video recording that allows users to choose what they want to listen to or watch. By displaying the transcript beside the audio or video source, the matching words in the transcript are highlighted or underlined as the user hears the words being spoken. Therefore, it can be used to provide closed captioning for a video or podcast or to create a searchable database of an audio recording.

Interactive transcripts are usually created using speech-to-text software, which can be labor-intensive and expensive. However, there are a number of advantages to using an interactive transcript, including the ability to provide alternative versions of the same content (for example, in different languages), the ability to search for specific topics within a recording, and the ability to share selected parts of the recording with others. For these reasons, interactive transcripts are becoming increasingly popular.

How Can an Interactive Transcript Be Used?

There are a few different ways that an interactive transcript can be used. One way is to use it as a way to navigate through a long recording. For example, if you’re watching a lecture that is two hours long, you can use the interactive transcript to click on specific parts that you want to hear again or that you find especially important.

Another way to use an interactive transcript is to search for specific keywords or phrases. This can be helpful if you’re trying to find a particular piece of information in a recording. For example, if you’re looking for information on how to start a business, you can search the transcript for keywords such as “business” or “startup.”

What Are the Benefits of Using an Interactive Transcript?

There are a few benefits of using an interactive transcript, let’s take a look at a few of them.

1. Help You Navigate Through a Long Recording

One benefit is that it can help you navigate through a long recording. A recent study found that people who used an interactive transcript were able to navigate through a two-hour recording 30% faster than those who didn’t use a transcript.

2. Help You Search for Specific Keywords

Another benefit is that it can help you search for specific keywords or phrases which is also great for user intent and makes it more relevant to your audience. Searching for specific keywords on search engines and social media platform is one of the most popular ways that people use the internet as generation Z wants their questions answered now and without delay, and it’s not going to change anytime soon.

3. A Way for Viewers to Interact with the Content

Third, an interactive transcript allows viewers to interact more directly with the content, which increases user engagement and ultimately leads to more conversions, which is extremely important for digital marketing efforts.

4. A Great Solution for Accessibility Improvement

Fourth and final, interactive transcripts are a great solution for accessibility improvement which is the law in many countries and extremely helpful for those with hearing impairments or who are not fluent in the primary audio language. Using tools like this becomes essential and necessary when the world becomes more accessible and many companies adopt strict accessibility procedures.


Interactive transcripts are a great way to improve accessibility and engagement for audio and video content. They can be used to navigate through long recordings, search for specific keywords, and share selected parts of the recording with others. Additionally, they are a great solution for accessibility improvement.

Now that you understand what an interactive transcript is and how it can be used, try creating one for your favorite podcast or video.



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