borewell water, is borewell water safe for drinking?
September 25, 2018

Is Borewell water safe for drinking?

India is an establishing country and many parts of the country still depend on primitive water system techniques like borewell. Numerous town and cities are totally based on bore well's because of no lakes or rivers neighbor. Some locations still don't have water system carried out for daily needs. Borewells are an easy source of water and individuals discover it valuable. When whole town and cities are absolutely dependent on borewell water, it is crucial to understand is borewell water safe for drinking?

Borewell water

What is the level of borewell water hardness?

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Borewell water is contaminated due to the presence of heavy metals, Arsenic, fluoride, chlorine and other chemical substances. Water obtained from Borewell is also hard water, borewell water has high TDS, this water ought to not be used for cooking and direct intake, it is necessary to use an RO, UV or UF water purifier for borewell water, this is the best method to stay healthy and fit and prevent many diseases that may be triggered by borewell water. As you know that there is no replacement to health and pure water, just pure water can secure you and your household from water borne diseases.

Arsenic Material and Borewell Water TDS

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Borewell water has a major contaminant called arsenic. Arsenic naturally occurs in Rocks, soil, as well as due to human activities. Arsenic is also used by markets and it is drained pipes in water sources this also triggers the arsenic to reach and blend with ground water. This increases the TDS level of borewell water. International Journal of Health and Environmental Health report says that Arsenic is a major cause of cancer due to polluted water." Arsenic is a harmful chemical that can cause brain conditions, throwing up, Diarrhea, darker and thicker skin, cancer and heart diseases"

How to purify borewell water at home?

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We can't detect the pollutants in water from its taste or smell, to examine the pollutants we need to get the water evaluated. This test result can help us a lot in picking the proper water purifier. If you live in an area where you are not able to test the water, then the simple and best solution is to select the Finest RO + UV + UF + TDS Controller water purifier in India as it can offer you 100% pure and healthy water and can be utilized with any type of water source like, borewell, town or tap water.

If your water screening results show that there are no heavy metals or chemicals in water then you can choose the Aquafresh Water Purifier UV + UF + Sediment + Pre Purification 5 Year Warranty.  This water purifier is geared up with not simply UV and UF but likewise consists of sedimentation and pre-filtration innovations that makes this water purifier the very best in class, since most other water purifiers do not use sedimentation and pre-filtration as part of UV-UF water filtration.

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Why Water purifier is needed to get rid of impurities of water?

Water is crucial for all beings to sustain life, our bodies are 65% water. Water contamination is increasing on a quick rate due to industrialization and human acts, many water sources are being disposed with industrial sewage and waste. Water is being treated with fluoride, chlorine and potassium for getting rid of impurities which in long term triggers more harm than it safeguards. In this period of contamination it is not safe to directly take in water from any source. You can just depend on a great RO+UV+UF+TDS water cleanser to get pure water for daily intake.

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