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March 25, 2020

What is TDS Controller in a Water Purifier? - How to use it.

TDS Controller is a very controversial device, it can be beneficial as well as harmful for human health. If you want water purifier with TDS controller feature, you need to be proactive in monitoring the TDS level in water.

There are different technologies combination that make totally different RO water purifier with TDS controller. There is also a model which adds Ro + UV water purifier with TDS. controller.

In this Blog we will discuss is water purifier with TDS Controller Safe for our Health ? Lets first learn about what is TDS controller.

What is a TDS Controller in RO Water  Purifier ?

A TDS controller (Total dissolved solids), is a device which helps in maintaining the TDS level of the commercial water purifier.

The RO water purifiers uses a micro pores Membrane which is capable of reducing the TDS level of the input water by approx 90%. So if input water TDS is 900, the output TDS in water purifier will be close to 90.

You must not drink water below 150 TDS value, else you will face low TDS water side effects like dehydration, fatigue and sweating.

Generally TDS Controller are a screw based devices that are adjusted and left alone to keep doing their work. But when the TDS level of your water supply changes from the source, you must make the adjustments again to ensure you get the perfect TDS level for Consumption.

If you are unaware of the water supply changes in your area you can run into risk of either drinking too low or too high TDS in your water.

What is TDS in water purifier ?

the measurement to total dissolved solids in water is called TDS. Purified water and raw water will have different TDS values. Every water source and water stream will have different water TDS levels.

RO UV UF TDS meaning ?

You have seen this term all over the internet, and every water purifier mentions this. So what is this. These are the four most common technologies used in the water purifier.

RO means reverse osmosis, UV means Ultraviolet, UF means Ultra-filtration and TDS refers to the water purifier with TDS Controller.

Whats is the Safe & recommended level of TDS in Drinking water ?

TDS controller ensures that the level of total dissolved salts in your water is maintained.  Higher than recommended TDS level drinking water in India like 500 and above is bad for health especially your kidneys.

The level of TDS in drinking water recommended by WHO is between 100 and 500. Water below 100 TDS level has the tendency to dissolve even the material in its which it is kept.

Especially it reacts with plastic very quickly. If the water in your area is under recommended TDS level for drinking water, then you should always buy the UV+UF water purifier.

What is the BIS Recommended TDS level in Drinking Water ?

As per the BIS ( Bureau of Indian Standards ), The recommended TDS level in drinking water in India should be Between 150 and 500.

The standards are specified by BIS so that the different levels of TDS that are not harmful to the human body are known to general Public. Any level higher or lower than the advised levels is a threat to your health.

Still many brands do not provide TDS controllers in their water purifiers. Neglecting the proper TDS balance will not be a good idea and you must check for TDS controller option before you buy your water purifier.

You can always monitor the TDS in your drinking water correctly and can safeguard yourself and your family from many health issues.

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How does the TDS Controller work?

Lets learn how TDS controller works.

The inline water going into the RO Purifier flows thru Pre filter, Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter, and is then divided into 2 different sections from here.

1:  First half of the water is directed thru RO membrane where it becomes soft water with lower TDS level, and then it reaches the UV Chamber.

2: The other half is directly added into the UV Chamber with help of this valve called the TDS Controller.

3:  Then both of these water flows are mixed up and treated by the UV lamp to kill all bacteria, virus, pathogens and passed on to the UF filter, then Alkaline chamber ( Your water purifier have an alkaline unit ?) and finally into the tank where its stored for later use.

The TDS controller works same in all RO systems. But TDS controller works in Kent RO is a bit different but the results are almost same.

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How do we check the TDS level in our water ?

TDS tester is a device that is used to check the range of TDS that we are getting in our water. there are many TDS testers available in the market, you can buy the one that has temperature monitor and auto turn off functions.

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Where is the TDS Controller Fixed in an RO water purifier ?

TDS Controller is the device that is usually fixed before the UV chamber for mixing of raw water with RO purified water.

Whats is the cost of TDS Controller ?

A genuine good quality TDS Controller will cost you around Rs 200 to 300 excluding shipping.

Will i get Pure water after i use the TDS Controller feature in my water purifier ?

You will get 99.7% pure water if you personally monitor and keep your TDS level under 150. If your area has high TDS like 1200 or above you will already be getting 120 TDS after RO purification.

If this is the case you don't need to change or use the TDS function in your RO water Purifier. Only Use the TDS Controller if the TDS is below 100, and follow the suggested TDS guidelines mentioned above in this post.

Should you Buy an RO with TDS Controller?

 You must buy RO water purifier with TDS controller as it will be the best option to prevent many diseases and get pure water for you and your family. You can checkout Aquafresh prime ro uv uf with tds controller which is best for home use.

There are less costly models which use ro with tds controller but as they lack the UV function they are less effective against microbial threats. You must buy Ro + UV water purifier with tds controller for best performance and protection from diseases.

What is TDS Controller vs Mineralizer ?

As Discussed above TDS Controller is a small device to mix pure and raw water to achieve a desired TDS level in RO purified water. The water purifier with mineralizer is a totally different concept.

RO system with mineralizer works on the principles of electrolysis and ionization. In mineralizer water purifier Electrolysis is performed in the ionization chamber by passing low voltage Direct current ( DC ).

  The water mineralizer uses Silver and copper are also used to kill bacterial and algae and the purified water is refreshing with a good taste. We hope this was helpful and answered all your questions about the use of TDS controller and reverse osmosis with mineralizer.

Frequently Asked Questions on TDS Controller


Water is the best health drink in the world with no calories, no fat, and no cholesterol. But this is also the fact that there is a lot of hazardous contaminants that are found in the drinking water that includes pesticides and various toxic elements.

So if you are planning to purchase new water purifies and has done extensive research both online and offline and you must have come across RO purifiers that come with the TDS controller.

What is a TDS controller?

Let us understand what TDS is in simple terms. In order to control the TDS coming out of RO an apparatus called TDS controller is used.

What determines the hardness and softness of the water is the TDS level. If the TDS level is high, then it means that the water is hard and low level of TDS implies that the water is soft.

What is a good TDS level?

As stated by World Health Organisation (WHO), if the TDS level is less than 300mg/liter then it is considered to be excellent, and the TDS level between 300 and 600 mg/liter is considered to be good. 600-900 is fair, and 900-1200 is considered to be weak, and if the TDS level is more than 1200mg/liter is unacceptable.

Is TDS controller mandatory?

Natural source of water consists of several essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium. Still, it may also contain certain impurities like arsenic and heavy metals, and these harmful chemicals lead to dissolved solids in water.

It is the existence of these important minerals like magnesium and calcium in minute quantities that makes the drinking water healthy and fit for drinking.

RO membrane is responsible for removing around 90% of dissolved solids from the water, which also includes essential minerals. What means is that if the input water contains does not contain a high level of TDS, then there are chances that the RO membrane will reduce the level of essential minerals to a low level and makes it unhealthy to drink.

This is where TDS comes into effect. TDS controller is used to raise the TDS of purified water to a healthy level only if the TDS level of water is not so high.

Is low TDS water harmful?

An increase level of TDS can negatively affect the odor and taste of the water.  An approved  level of 500 milligrams per liter have been recorded by Environmental Protection Agency.

In general, it is always advisable to have low count TDS from drinking water. So if you are still in doubt as to is low TDS water harmful? The answer is it isnt. Thus, the lesser the amount, the better.

Which Purifier is best?

If you are in search for a water purifier, then one thing that should be kept in mind is the TDS level. So if you want to make choice whether you need UF, UV or RO then you need determine the TDS level.

If the TDS level is 0-200, then you can go for a UV water purifier. If the TDS level is 200-300, then the RO+UV water purifier is recommended, and if 300-500, the RO+UV+UF water purifier is suitable.

What is the best TDS level for drinking water in India?

TDS level of less than 300 is considered to be excellent for drinking in India, and the TDS level above 1,200 is considered to be unacceptable. Lesser the TDS, the better the water.

How to reduce TDS in water, or how do you get rid of high TDS in water?

  1. Reverse Osmosis: Reverse Osmosis helps to reduce TDS by forcing the water, which is under pressure through the systematic membrane.
  2. Distillation: This is the process of boiling the water to produce water vapor. The water vapor then rises to a cold surface where it condenses and returns to a liquid form. The dissolved salts don’t get vaporized and remain to boil.

So if you are still in doubt as it how to reduce TDS, these above methods will help.

Is TDS controller required?

TDS controller is an instrument that is screw-based and is used to modify and left for doing their work.


Installing a correct water purifier will help you deal with a high level of TDS effectively.

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