best water purifiers in india
October 6, 2019

Best Water Purifiers in India

Which are the three important components in life? Food, clothing, and shelter. When it comes to food, you need to include water as a resource. And drinking water is a must for every human being to remain alive. And in this category, you cannot compromise, as it is related to the health of your family members. In recent times, water-borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid have caused large scale destruction in India. So, many Indian have opted for water purifiers in their homes. Are you a person who is intent to buy a new water purifier? Then please read this article on the best water purifiers in India.

Which Water Purifier should i Buy ?

Yes, there are many types of water purifiers. But ask any home improvement expert. They will say opting for an RO water purifier is a wise choice. It suits the Indian climate and environment. The main reason for the popularity of this water purifier? Let us explain. In combination with other technologies, the RO model can remove many impurities such as dust, sand, and mud. Also, it can also remove dissolved solids such as sodium, chloride, and magnesium. There is also the need to remove metal impurities in water such as arsenic, lead, and Fluoride. An RO water purifier can effectively remove them.

How to Decide Which water purifier is good for me ?

Yes, there are many models and brands in the market. You can also get the best features. But please note, buying the best model is not easy. You need to know certain aspects such as the level of impurities in your area, the family requirement and more. It is quite a challenge to make a decision on buying the best water purifiers in India.

Shall we look at some models?

1: Kent Grand RO+UF+UV + TDS controllers (8Ltr)

  • When you buy a water purifier, it is quite natural to have some essentials in mind. And this Kent Grand does have all the features. Shall we look at some?
  • You have a seven-stage purification process by making use of RO+UF+UV along with TDS controllers.
  • The storage capacity comes up to eight liters. If you have a six-member family, this water is enough for drinking purposes.
  • The purification capacity comes to twenty liters per hour.
  • You can use this water purifier for many types of water such as municipal, tankers and bore wells.
  • The most important part, you can also get to know UV fail alarms and filter change alerts.
  • In many water models, nearly eight percent of the water goes to waste. But in Kent Grand, you can recover more than fifty percent of water. And it has been specially designed to hold all the essential minerals. You have the benefit of a one year warranty and three years of free service.
  • The Kent Water Purifier is suitable for a high level of TDS in water. In fact, it has been tested in water with a level of 2000 ppm. And tested effective.
  • The built-in SMPS keeps the appliance safe from electricity outbreaks and voltage fluctuations.
  • The filters will not process any water if you have received an alert on the replacement of water purifiers.
  • As per customers, even the after-sales service is really good.

2: Havells Max RO+UV Water Purifier

  • This water purifier model from Havells Max is almost similar to Kent Grand but differ by few features.
  • The water passes through the seven-stage purification process.
  • The storage capacity of the Havells Max water purifier comes to eight liters similar to the Kent Grand Model.
  • The purification capacity comes to about fifteen liters per hour. You can use this water purifier for every water resource.

The features which make it popular are alerts regarding

  • Self-diagnosis
  • Full tank
  • Problems in pump failure
  • Low water pressure
  • Purification process
  • You have a flexible mounting option.
  • The cartridge can correct not only pH but also have the tendency to add or retain natural minerals.
  • The additional benefits are the removable tank and contamination proof tank cover.

Voltage Fluctuation Protection

To perform its duties, it needs a power of 170 voltage to 330 voltage. The model shuts off in case the voltage drops down or exceeds the required level.

Havells Max Brand

Havells Max is known as one of the brand leaders when it comes to manufacturing of electronic items in India. The same best features you can expect in this water purifier model.

In many RO water purifier models, some water can escape from only the RO membrane. But the same can get purified with UF membrane. So, having an RO water purifier may not be enough in some situations.

In The Havells Max water purifier, the water passes through the RO as well as the UV to ensure the 100 percent result. The minerals remain in the water. You can classify this model as one of the best water purifiers in India without a doubt.

  • Do you need more? The reason, you are getting 100 percent pure water with the impurities being removed.
  • You can place this model either on a table or opt for the wall mounting method.

3: Eureka Forbes Aquasure (Smart Plus RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes is a brand name to reckon with in the home appliance industry. Like the other water purifiers, this Eureka Forbes model also has six-stage purification. The model is lightweight and compact. There is a TDS controller feature that can help maintain the pH and taste of water. This model is suitable for every water source such as bore well, tanker and even taps. You can count this model as one of the best water purifiers in India.

  • The storage capacity of Eureka Forbes Aquasure model is six liters. It also has smart color-changing indicators for showing full tank, reduced water pressure and appliance errors.
  • There is also a voltage fluctuation feature (150 to 270 V). You can put this model on the tabletop or wall mount as per the need. There is a one year warranty period for this model.
  • You can buy this model for an affordable price. As per customers, the after-sales service is also excellent. Eureka Forbes has a good service network in all States of India.
  • The Eureka Forbes water purifier brand is one of the oldest in our country (India). In fact, the older models have provided water to millions of homes.

4: LIVPURE PEP (RO+UV+UF) Water Purifier

you can include among the rare appliance group of best water purifiers in India, as it has a seven-stage purification process.
  • Storage capacity - seven liters
  • It can purify up to twelve liters per hour.
  • This water purifier model holds its own against the water of all resources. As per a survey, it can purify water that has a TDS of more than 2000 rpm.

Additional Features

  • You have the UV lamp failure alarm (buzzer).
  • There is a separate indicator for Power ON, Tank Full Indicator and even the purification process.

The seven-stage purification process is as follows -

  • First stage - sediment filter
  • Second stage  - Pre Carbon Block
  • Third Stage - Antiscalant Cartridge
  • Fourth Stage - RO Membrane
  • Fifth Stage - UV disinfection Column
  • Sixth Stage - Silver Impregnated Cartridge - Improves the taste/quality of water
  • And one more to give 100 percent of pure water.
  • This model can do its work efficiently in between voltages of 140 to 300 V.
  • The model can improve the taste of purified water.
  • It has a compact, elegant design.


5:  Aquafresh Prime Water Purifiers

Aquafresh Prime - (RO+UV+UF+TDS+Alkaline+Mineral) Water Purifier Aquafreshprime water purifierDid we forget to include a brand name which has become popular in the water purifier industry? You are right. It is Aquafresh Prime water purifiers. Although there are many models in this brand, let us focus on only one, that is Aquafresh (Ro+Uv+Uf+Tds+Alkaline+Mineral) having a five year warranty.

Benefits when you Buy Aquafresh Water Purifier

  • You get two years (free service)
  • You can exchange your old RO water purifier with this new model
  • Excellent online support service (after-sales)
  • Low price

Other Additional Features

  • The water purifier is leakage proof with components.
  • As you can see by the name, you have the seven stage purification process. Every harmful germ gets eliminated in the process.
  • If you want to install the device on the wall, in many Indian cities, you get free installation service.
  • The body is designed with ABS plastic that can make the appliance last for a long time.

Other Water Purifier Models

  • Hindware Elara (RO+UV+UF) water purifier
  • Kent Ace Mineral (RO+UV+UF+TDS) water purifier
  • HUL Pureit Classic RO+UV water purifier
  • AO Smith Z8 RO Model

Recent Technology Water Purifiers

When giving information on best water purifiers in India, how can we not give information on models designed with recent technologies? Yes, we also have smart water purifiers. Do you want more information? Check for


Let it be any model. It is mandatory to give maintenance service from time to time as per the need. And there are chances when you have to opt for maintenance service even after the warranty period. What will you do in that situation? Shall we give the best method? Opt for the best technician via the company offering home appliance repair services. If you are a person living in the capital city of the state of Telangana, then search for the best company offering home services in Hyderabad. Download the app of the best company, take time to go through the profiles and then book the best professional for water purifier service in Hyderabad. After you have placed a request, he will call to get information on the problem. At the scheduled date and time, he will come and give maintenance service.

The above-mentioned models are the best water purifiers in India. Do you have any other model in mind? Drop us a mail or put a comment in the Reviews section.

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