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September 30, 2018

Are there any  Minerals in Tap Water?

Our Mother Nature has gifted us many beautiful things like water. Water is needed by every living creature, human or animal and it’s a vital source of minerals in our body. Mineral content in water varies from area to area, all minerals present in water may not be good for consumption like lead, chlorine, fluoride, arsenic are not good for health. Lets discuss which minerals in tap water are good for health.

Essential minerals in tap water

Calcium, Magnesium, and sodium are commonly found in tap water. Mineral content is depended upon the area where water lands through rains or water sources like rivers, lakes etc. Depending upon water location, silica, potassium, magnesium and selenium are also present in water, these minerals are good if available in correct quantity. As per the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards), calcium 75mg/L, Magnesium 30mg/L and Potassium 31mg.L are perfect quantities per liter of water.

No 1 Minerals in tap water is Calcium (Ca)

Calcium is most important and common mineral present in drinking water. Calcium helps in bone and teeth formation. Nervous system and blood coagulation depends of calcium, if calcium intake in body is less it leads to coronary diseases. However excess calcium in body causes scaling problem in home appliances, pipes and utensils. Bone fracture risk increases if you drink water with low calcium content, pregnancy related disorders, sudden death of infants are also linked with low calcium content.

No 2 Minerals in tap water is Magnesium (Mg)

Magnesium is important for immune system and cell growth and multiplication in your body. It maintains muscular activity, nervous activity and metabolic functions in your body. One important fact is that magnesium helps in relaxation of muscles and calcium helps in contraction of muscles. Overall movement of our body needs these minerals and proper relaxation and contraction of muscles is important for a healthy body.

No 3 Minerals in tap water is Sodium (Na)

Electrolytes in water are balanced and regulated with sodium in water. Cardiac and nervous system needs sodium to function properly. These days our diets are rich in sodium so it’s advised to drink water with 20mg/L of sodium. It’s a known disease called High blood pressure which is triggered by high sodium in your body. Sodium content in salt is high enough to cause hypertension in adults and elderly.

How Minerals get mixed up in the drinking water?

As we know water is mostly pumped from ground, soil and water mix up and minerals are added in water. Rain, ice, snow, water running from hills and mountains often passes thru soil and gets mineralized. Water also gets contaminated due to chemicals, pesticides, toxins that are dumped in ground and water sources. Generally water carries minerals and toxins as it dissolves and passes soil.So purification of water is always required to remove impurities from water and protect from dangerous water borne diseases.

Does RO (reverse osmosis) remove minerals in tap water?

RO water Purification method is safe and adopted worldwide for its efficiency and reliable purification of water. RO purifiers use a semi preamble membrane with pore size as small as 0.001 micron. Water can pass thru these pores but most minerals and toxins can’t pass thru these pores because they are bigger in size as compared to water molecules.

This is an advantage as well as disadvantage when we use RO water purifier. RO membrane stops essential minerals in tap water along with toxins from passing thru. this makes sure that we get pure water without any soluble in it.

This water is clean and pure but due to missing minerals it will lead to severe health issues and can’t be used until minerals are restored in water again. So a new technology called TDS controller is used to restore and adjust the amount of minerals that we need in our purified drinking water.

So when you buy a water purifier a point to remember is that it should have TDS controller in it. There are some best water purifier that offer TDS controller without any additional cost to the customer. AquaFresh water purifier is equipped with TDS controller and all latest technologies to purify water and helps you adjust its mineral contents as per your requirements.

Finishing Up

Water is required for healthy mind and body, it is important to drink pure and healthy water that contains essential minerals. You should check the TDS and minerals in tap water in your area and post that, you can make a better decision of buying an RO water purifier.  This will definitely help you in staying protected from all water born problems.

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