tds controller vs mineralizer
October 12, 2018

What is the Difference between a TDS Controller and Mineralizer?

TDS Controller is a device used to mix RO purified water with raw water. TDS Controller is utilized to achieve an ideal TDS level of RO water. Lets first Discuss the TDS Controller, and what should be the TDS of RO water, in the later part you can read about water Mineralizer. TDS means (Total dissolved solids). Every RO machine uses a membrane which helps reducing or to bring down the ideal TDS of RO water. The RO process is reduces the TDS of raw water by almost 90%. So if our water supply has 700 TDS, the RO purified water TDS will be close to 70.

Answered : Is TDS Controller Safe for our Health ? 

This is how a TDS controller looks like, the screw on top is used to regulate water flow.[/caption]

Water Ionization / Mineralizer

What should be TDS of RO Water ?

As per the Bureau of India Standards, the ideal TDS of RO water is between 150 and 500, so if you have your water TDS between these numbers, you don't need to worry about TDS value of RO water. Then you must focus on Improving the taste, smell and quality of water.

How does the TDS Controller work?

  1. First Water is pressurized via a pump and passed thru the Pre filters, Sediment Filter, Carbon Filter.
  2. Then Water is divided into two streams using a T extension.
  3. One stream of the water is passed thru the RO membrane to lower its TDS, and finally, it reaches the UV Chamber.
  4. The second stream is passed thru the TDS Controller and then connected to the UV Chamber.
  1. Now both of these water streams are treated by the UV lamp to kill all bacteria, virus, pathogens and passed on to the UF filter, then Alkaline unit ( Your water purifier have an alkaline unit ?) and finally the water is stored in the tank for later use. This is how the TDS controller works.

Bottom Line: So basically We are purifying the water to avoid virus, bacteria and all chemicals. But by using the TDS Controller, we are allowing some substances to pass on, into the RO Purified water. This is necessary to maintain the TDS balance in the water.

How to increase TDS of RO water without using a TDS controller ?

The easiest method to increase the TDS of RO water without using a TDS controller is to use a mineral Cartridge. There are different kinds of mineral cartridges, and you can read more about them in this post. How to add Minerals to RO Purified Water ?

Question ? : Is TDS Controller Safe for our Health ?

What is Mineralizer in an RO water Purifier ?

The mineralizer works on the concepts of electrolysis and ionization. The variable voltage of Direct current is passed in the ionization chamber to achieve electrolysis in water. This process utilizes copper and silver which release positively charged ions in water. Silver and copper ions have anti-bacterial properties, helpful in killing germs and protecting water from algae.

tds controller vs mineralizer
  1. This mineralization process releases positively charges ions, to purify the water.
  2. There is no side effect of this process, intact it enhances the taste and smell of water.
  3. The positive terminal in Mineralizer produces acidic water.
  4. The negative terminal in Mineralizer produces Alkaline water.
  5. This process also guarantees that the benefits present in silver and copper get appropriately transferred to pure drinking water.

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